Mobile Apps

There are many ways to be mobile. So many technologies to choose from. Everything from native apps to web apps and everything in between.

Mobile App Development

Native Apps

Native apps are often seen as the preferred way to be mobile, but do have a number of significant drawbacks. They are expensive, costly and time consuming to update. As browser standards improve there are less compelling reasons to use native apps except sometimes for games and places where performance matters. Basedow Technologies can create native apps for Android or iOS devices.

Hybrid Apps

We can also create hybrid apps using frameworks such as Ionic. This is a cost effective way to build beautiful looking cross platform apps.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps or PWAs as they are often called are web applications that behave much like a native app. While mostly supported by Google Chrome, they are built upon open standards, so even on platforms that don't full support them they provide a lot of benefits. If you already have an existing website, we can easily turn it into a PWA so you get many of the benefits of a native app using your existing technology.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP

It no longer about just being online. If mobile users are unable to view your website properly you are loosing many of your customers. Making your website mobile friendly and providing mobile apps can greatly expand the potential reach of your website.